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Whether you want to escape into the Outback, or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we have the information here to let you know everything about 'The Land Down Under'.

Australia is one of the world's most urbanized societies - nearly 90 per cent of the population lives in the city along the coast. The largest and most populous city is Sydney with 3.9 million people, closely followed by Melbourne, its southern rival, counting 3.3 million. The third largest city is Brisbane, 1.5 m, followed by Perth 1.3 m, Adelaide 1.08 m, Canberra 308,000, Hobart 195,000 and Darwin 86,000.
Australian cities are widespread and consist more or less of suburban one-storey houses on a quarter-acre block. There is a tendency to build multi-storey office blocks in central business districts and the gleaming glass and concrete towers dominate the skyline in most capital cities. In the shadows of skyscrapers are labyrinths of interconnecting courts and arcades offering a wealth of shopping, cafes, restaurants, and night-clubs.


In business life Australians are conservative dressers but this changes abruptly as the weekend approaches. Australia is very much a beach culture and people's attire reflects an outdoor lifestyle. All state capital cities are built either on or very near the water; Lake Burley Griffin, although an inland city, dominates even Canberra

Climate and clothing: Most of southern Australia has warm summers and mild winters (seasons are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere). Lightweight clothing can be worn year-round except in the more temperate regions during winter; warmer clothes and an overcoat are then required.

No restrictions are placed on bringing U.S. dollars into or out of Australia. No more than 5,000 Australian dollars in Australian currency notes may be taken out. Letters of credit, traveler's cheques, and U.S. currency are freely negotiable. A tourist's personal property generally is exempt from customs duty.  

Health: Australia has no unusual health problems or serious endemic diseases, and no special health precautions are necessary for tourists. Hospitals are modern.

In Sydney, favorite attractions are the tour of its breathtaking harbour; the Sydney Opera House, with its striking architecture; the Rocks area, often referred to as "the cradle of Sydney;" and the Taronga Park Zoo. The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, is renowned as well.


Every month on average about 6,000 men, women and children immigrate to Australia. In 1998-99 more than 100,000 students received a student visa to Australia. Australia welcomes professionals and entrepreneurs alike with opportunities for success and growth.

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